Monitoring Stations

The Hydrology Laboratory at TH Lübeck maintains a series of monitoring stations in Lübeck and in the vicinity for education and research.

1433THL BlankenseeMeteorological Station
1440THL Elbe-Lübeck-KanalHydrometric Station
1480THL Evaporation StationMeteorological Station
1453THL Groundwater Discharge - Hochschulstadtteil Drainage (wbv)Groundwater Monitoring
1483THL Groundwater Station - BauforumGroundwater Monitoring
1437THL Groundwater Station (GWM 1)Groundwater Monitoring
1438THL Groundwater Station (GWM 2)Groundwater Monitoring
1439THL Groundwater Station (GWM 3)Groundwater Monitoring
1475THL Kanal Trave - GeninHydrometric Station
1436THL Landgraben ClinicHydrometric Station
1429THL Lübeck Meteorological StationMeteorological Station
1479THL Mini Weather StationMeteorological Station
1430THL Niemarker Landgraben Hydrometric StationHydrometric Station
1478THL Niemarker Landgraben Water Sampling StationWater quality
1432THL Niemarke Rain Station (Deponie)Meteorological Station
1441THL SehmsdorfHydrometric Station
1441THL Soil Moisture Station HS MuldeHydrometric Station
1470THL Soil Moisture Station HSSoil moisture
1471THL Soil Moisture Station LGSoil moisture
1440THL Trave - BarnitzHydrometric Station
1477THL Trave - HambergeHydrometric Station
1442THL Trave - HohenstiegeHydrometric Station
1443THL Trave - WesenbergHydrometric Station
1472THl Wakenitz - Border AreaHydrometric Station
1431THL Wakenitz - Ratzeburger SeeeHydrometric Station

Monitoring data can be found at:

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