WASA – Water Security in Southern Africa

Sustainable and climate adapted Water Management in Mining in the Southern African Region (WaMiSAR)- Hydrogeological Information System and Toolbox for Secure Water Management

WaMiSAR considers the use of water as a resource from the start to the end of mining activities. Adapted solutions will be developed for the various challenges for mine water management.

The project comprises:

  • the development of hydrological and hydrogeological baseline studies under the conditions of only limited data available,
  • automated monitoring and modelling of water avail-ability in the unsaturated zone of mine residue deposits as basis for
  • the development of adapted revegetation measures with regard to agricultural uses (biomass, crops) or the promotion of biodiversity and ecosystem services using mining water for irrigation,
  • adapted remediation measures for polluted surface water and groundwater including automated groundwater monitoring and
  • consideration of the local socio-economic conditions. The final result will be a toolbox for sustainable and climate adapted water management in mining, which is modularly expandable and provides holistic solutions adaptable to individual mining environmental challenges.

The project is structured via an already established mine management network (MiWaNet), com-prising the relevant mining companies as well as ministries, authorities, universities and engineering offices. The eight participating universities are organizing a training network for students and employees of the members of the MiWaNet. For the THL project, we have a project website.

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